26 Oct 2013

I have been strapped behind the iconic Momo Prototipo steering wheel for a little more than an hour, all windows down as I carve my way up a rugged canyon during an unusually warm Southern California evening, and I am overwhelmed with emotion. My heart is pounding out of…

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25 Oct 2013

As we speed toward a future of spaceship-shaped, self-driving cars powered by unicorn dreams, we get farther from the achingly beautiful rides of our past. Luckily, the Singer-modified 911 and three other retrofit rides have figured how to marry classic sex appeal with our teched-out present Imagine your dream…

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24 Oct 2013

BBC Top Gear

May is at the test track to drive a modern recreation of the classic Porsche 911. SEASON: 20 | EPISODE: 5 | AIR DATE: 5 AUGUST, 2013 Download the original video at BBC Top Gear

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