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Specifications & Program Options

Ultimate Choice.

Our specification and restoration choices reflect our vision of an optimized air-cooled machine and are aimed at enthusiasts all over the world.  This vision is merely a launching point, a broad canvas for individual self-expression and fine tailoring.

Such a degree of personalization ensures that each machine can be as sportingly focused, luxuriously flamboyant, or as simple and understated  as desired.  Indeed, we expect every restored and modified machine to represent and reflect the unique tastes and perspectives of its owner whether targeted at regular use on the road or ultimate performance on road and track.

We imagine most customers will specify a program that lies somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, resulting in a machine that reflects their ideal combination of sporting intent and daily usability.

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  • Chassis and Body Specifications

    Our customers supply a fully road legal 1990-1994 Porsche 911 coupe for the basis of restoration and varying degrees of modification. When the work is complete the car retains its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and speedo reading and is legally registered, operated and licensed in the same manner.  We see this process as a modest contribution to the recycling culture and one by which old 911s are reclaimed and perhaps saved from an uncertain future.

    We are proud to be affiliated with the globally recognized Aria Group in Irvine, California, providing state-of-the-art composite technology and world-class body preparation and painting processes.

    • The cars are comprehensively disassembled and the monocoque (unibody) is cleaned and media blasted to bare metal and then treated for rust prevention.
    • All bodywork to be replaced is stripped from the car and the chassis receives additional welding and strengthening in preparation for its new bodywork.

    The carbon fiber bodywork is constructed from premium ‘pre preg’ carbon fiber and is correctly vacuum bagged and baked to a temperature of over 250 degrees in a pressurized environment . These are true carbon fiber parts made to military and motorsport specifications benefiting from the attributes of extreme strength and light weight.

    • The areas of the car replaced with carbon fiber parts are as follows:
      • Front fenders
      • Front bumper
      • Front hood (bonnet)
      • Rear fenders
      • Rear bumper
      • Rear engine deck lid/speed sensitive active rear spoiler
      • Roof (a carbon roof is not fitted if a sunroof is specified)
    • Note:  The doors remain in steel in order to retain side impact resistance as they contain the impact safety beams fitted on later model 911s. Carbon fiber doors can be ordered at additional cost but must be specified in conjunction with a full roll-cage.
    • The front spoiler is constructed from a flexible urethane with a black textured finish.
    • The lower rockers and lower rear valances are constructed from a high temperature resistant urethane with a black textured finish.
    Chassis and Body Options
    1. Fully integrated roll hoop upholstered in padded leather.
      • Chassis integrity and roll over security is further enhanced by an optional bolt mounted internal roll hoop that recalls the versions used in the racing machines of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  The roll hoop is correctly padded and upholstered in leather to complement the interior.
    2. Fully integrated roll cage upholstered in padded leather.
      • A fully welded and correctly integrated, race specification roll cage can be specified for drivers wanting the ultimate in chassis stiffness and security for track use. This cage is padded and upholstered in leather to complement the interior. We do not recommend this option for regular road usage without the use of appropriate head protection.
    3. Fully integrated harness bar.
      • Drivers and passengers wishing to use multi point harness belts on road or track can specify an optional harness bar that also offers additional torsional integrity.  This bar is welded and integrated into the shell and remains hidden until needed behind the rear seat backer.
    4. Front strut bracing and gusseting.
      • Strut bracing in the front luggage compartment stiffens and strengthens the chassis for ultimate sporting control by connecting and bracing the strut towers and minimizing deflection. This strut bracing and gusseting recalls the weld in parts Porsche pioneered in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s on their racing machines of the period and when combined with the presentation packages also available bring a clean, functional, race bred chic to these important areas of the car
    5. Seam welding of key chassis areas.
      • To further increase stiffness and integrity, critical seams in the chassis can be stitch welded. This additional structural integrity brings benefits in precision and suspension control for ultimate performance situations on road and track.
    6. External center fill gas cap with fuel safety cell.
      • An ultra safe, racing standard fuel cell is available as an option with a milled aluminum filler cap that protrudes through the front hood in the style of the racing 911s from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s allowing easy fueling from either side of the car.  For additional safety and security a secondary locking cap is located underneath.
    7. External rear fender mounted oil filler cap.
      1. A similar arrangement on the passenger rear fender may be specified where a milled aluminum oil cap protrudes through the bodywork accessing the oil tank located below.  This feature is inspired by the racing machines of 1967 and the 1972 model year production machines.
    8. Electric Steel Sliding Sunroof.
      • A carbon fiber roof is fitted as standard with an electrically operated steel sliding sunroof available as optional equipment
    9. Hood and deck lid hinges in perforated aluminum.
    10. Bumperettes.
      • The bumperettes mounted to the rear bumper can be either  plated like the original ‘60’s machines or  painted body color as seen on the Lightweight racing machines of the early ‘70’s at no extra charge

    The vehicle boasts superior high-speed stability through the use of newly developed front and rear spoilers.

    • The front spoiler is a fixed, flexible urethane unit while the rear spoiler is an active, speed sensitive unit that rises into position at 60 mph and recalls the classic ‘ducktail’ from the 1973racing machines.
    • These spoilers have black detailing like the machines of the 1970’s and ‘80’s while the rear spoiler boasts a ‘60’s inspired delicate plated grill under which a tinted acrylic screen allows views of the engine.
  • Engines

    Our engines are comprehensively stripped and then meticulously blue printed, balanced and hand built using new or state of the art componentry.  There is a choice of two engines, both with specific characters and capacities from 3.6 L to 3.8L .

    3.6-liter engine, producing 270 hp

    • The 270BHP 3.6L engine is comprehensively rebuilt and blueprinted for maximum efficiency and retains the standard engine management system, exhaust and  ancillaries  maintaining the engines regular emission calibration.

    3.8-liter engine, producing 360 hp [* intended for off-road use only in certain territories]

    • We are proud to be affiliated with Cosworth as the exclusive developer of our 3.8L normally aspirated Porsche flat six engines. Our engines are hand-built in California to motorsport tolerances and benefit from state-of-the-art breakthroughs in intake design, fuel injection, cylinder head design, piston, cylinder and rod design, overall construction and engine management. We feel it is the ultimate compromise between a high revving , high horse-power Porsche racing engine and a torque rich, tractable and durable engine for the road.

    The standard exhaust system retains heat exchangers and catalytic converters and is mated to lightweight stainless steel mufflers optimized for both sound and the power characteristics . It has twin center exit pipes and is ceramic coated in matte titanium gray with contrasting polished tips .

    Exhaust Options

    1. Lightweight stainless steel  header, exhaust and heat system. [* intended for off-road use only]

    A newly developed lightweight stainless steel header system has been optimized for the power characteristics of the uprated engine. This system is free from the restrictions of the normal heat exchanger system with benefits in throttle response, torque characteristics and light weight. Heating for the car is supplied by a separate ESPAR heating module that interfaces with the cars existing HVAC system.


    The Getrag G50 units form the basis of the transmission options.

    • These transmissions are comprehensively stripped and rebuilt to exacting tolerances with new components.
    • The ratios chosen for each engine configuration offer an excellent balance between performance, refinement and touring economy.
    • The shift linkage is newly developed and results in an oiled, ‘rifle bolt’ tactility that transforms the shift quality of these robust gearboxes.
    • A single mass flywheel and carbon twin-plate clutch are fitted.

    Transmission Options

    1. The standard transmission is the 5 speed Getrag G50 unit.
    2. A Limited slip differential for the 5 speed G50 transmission is available as an option.
    3. Close ratio 6 speed transmission.

    A close ratio 6 speed Getrag G50/LSD unit is available as an option. This gearbox has ratios specially chosen to maximize the power potential from the engine for ultimate sporting and track use.

  • Electrical

    • The 20 year old electrical system of the 964 is completely replaced with new technology.  It is a lightweight, state of the art system that surpasses most current road car  and motorsport systems in both quality, longevity and functionality. At it’s heart is a Cosworth Pectel engine management unit that utilizes Motec power distribution modules [PDM’s] that replace the entire fuse system along with motorsport and military specification connectors and wiring upgrades. The data logging and diagnostic abilities allow remote access to service data for our customer vehicles wherever they may be in the world.


    • The primary lighting is radically updated using state of the art Hella Bi Xenon headlight units developed for the ALMS Race Series and have been incorporated into newly developed headlight housings.
    • Newly developed lightweight polycarbonate clear headlight lenses are used to replace the original glass units.
    • The secondary lighting at the front of the car is presented with the addition of Hella fog/driving lights.
    • The corner lights and fog/driving lights are incorporated into newly developed lightweight housings and all the lenses are replaced by new polycarbonate units.
    • The rear of the car benefits from the addition of new lightweight housings and new lenses.

     Glass, and Exterior Trim

    • The glass remains as original and retains its subtle green tinting.
    • Regular window frame finish is polished aluminum protected by a  clear ceramic coating giving a slightly dull understated bright finish. This recalls the standard finish used through the early ‘70’s. The rest of the exterior bright work is finished in the highest quality chrome plating.
    • The exterior door mirror is a newly developed design evoking the classic ‘bullet’ racing mirrors of the 1960’s and often seen on racing machines of the period. It is mounted through the quarter window and its angle can be adjusted via a joystick inside the car.

    Nickel plating .The doorframes and all exterior and interior bright work is nickel-plated. This plating is very special and provides the bright work with an extremely subtle golden glow .

  • Suspension

    • The regular suspension features adjustable KW dampers and coil over springs.
    • The aluminum rear trailing arms are retained and all bushings, connectors and front and rear sway bars are replaced by state of the art units
    • The regular suspension is specified and set up to offer an excellent compromise between daily usability and sporting potential. It is specified and tuned to provide a compliant, quiet and comfortable ride on the street while still offering great control during fast road use.

    Suspension Options

    1. Sport suspension package.

    An optional Sport suspension package is available.  This system is specified and set up to give ultimate control and driver feedback during high performance road and track driving and was developed at Sears Point Race Circuit with the US Ohlins distributors and renowned driver and journalist Richard Meaden of EVO magazine.

    At the center of this set up are state of the art Ohlins dampers that are  finely adjustable for bump and rebound. The addition of lightweight EVO uprights from the racing program further increases precision and unsprung weight.  The anti roll bars are uprated units from the sport and racing programs and these along with additional suspension components minimize deflection while increasing body control and allow greater adjustability while the advanced damping system can be further stiffened or softened depending on usage.


    • The steering on the 964 model 911s has long been heralded as one of the finest in existence and we retain this hydraulically power assisted rack and pinion system .


    • Singer uses the complete servo assisted braking system from 993 Twin Turbo model – these so called ‘Big Red’ 4 piston Brembo calipers  grip large drilled rotors and provides huge braking abilities  and a resistance to fade for ultimate fast road and track performance.

    • All brake lines are braided stainless steel and additional cooling for the front brakes is achieved through the apertures in the front bumper.

    Wheels and Tires

    The Singer vehicle uses newly developed 17’’ forged aluminum wheels in the style of the iconic Fuchs wheels designed in the 1960’s.  These wheels are extremely strong and lightweight.

    • • Wheel Sizes: 9”x17’’ front and 11”x17’’ rear.
    • • The wheels can be ordered with or without center caps at no extra charge.
    • • The wheels can be ordered with either closed black anodized aluminum lug nuts or with extended wheel studs and open brass plated aluminum lug nuts at no extra charge.

    Note: Running these wheels without center caps and long studs gives a very track inspired look and again recalls the racing machines of the 1960’s and ‘70’s.

    • • The wheels can be specified in a number of special nickel plated or anodized and painted finishes all based on the iconic Fuchs wheels fitted to the 1973 sport and racing models at no extra charge.
    • • Tires are 225/45 x 17 front and 275/40 x 17 rear Michelin Pilot Sport PS2.
    • • A performance and track biased R Compound tire that is also road legal can be specified at no extra cost. These tires are designed for ultimate performance in dry and damp conditions and are not recommended for use in rain or standing water.

    Tire sizes are 235/40 x 17 front and 275/40 x 17 rear – Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

    Wheels and Tires Option

    • Second set wheel and tire package.

    Customers can specify an additional set of wheels in any finish fitted with the track biased tires. This option is for owners who drive their cars regularly on the road but also need a practical and easily accessed wheel/tire combination for the track.

  • • The vehicle comes with a bespoke interior that recalls the 1960’s and ‘70’s, the golden age of early car décor.  Huge attention to detail has been paid in presenting an interior rich in ambiance and impeccable detailing.

    • This interior treatment can be personalized in a number of different ways through the selection of certain optional materials and fittings. These items can alter the character of the interior towards a luxury or sporting intent or indeed any combination of the two.

    • The seats are reimagined to recall the low backed Recaro sports seats of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.
    • They have 4  way electrical height adjustment and manual recline and tilt functions and come fitted with adjustable headrests. We have strived to produce a seat that is both supremely comfortable and supportive while offering the peak of period sporting elegance.
    • They are compatible for use with either the standard seatbelts or the optional Schroth racing harnesses.
    • The seats come upholstered in leather available in a wide choice of colors and optional finishes and textures.

    Rear Seats

    The rear seats are upholstered in the same manner as those in front and feature dual backrests that fold down to provide additional luggage space.

    Doorsills, Rear Seat Pan and Transmission Tunnel

    The side sills, rear seat pan area and the central transmission tunnel come upholstered as standard in hardwearing German weave carpet that is available in a number of colors which complement the leather upholstery.

    Additional Upholstery

    • The doors, armrests, rear quarter panels, luggage shelf and dashboard insert all come upholstered in the same shade and grade of leather as the seats.
    • The upper and lower dashboard, door tops, top rolls, and rear parcel shelf rolls are finished in black leather.
    • The sun visors are upholstered in ivory and black leather.
    • The headlining is upholstered in hardwearing perforated ivory vinyl in the manner of the cars of the 1960’s and ‘70’s.
    • The front luggage compartment is upholstered in hardwearing German weave carpet to match the  carpeting in the interior.
    Steering Wheel

    The standard steering wheel is the iconic 350mm MOMO Prototipo.

    This is the thick-rimmed classic motorsport wheel used on many iconic ‘60’s and ‘70’s racing machines including the celebrated Porsche 917 Le Mans winner. It is wrapped in premium black leather with signature parrellel white stitching. It comes with a bespoke aluminum nickel plated horn surround with black leather center horn push.


    The gauges in the Singer vehicle are presented in the classic off-white on black background found on the early 1970’s cars.  The speedometer is renumbered and recalibrated to 180 mph.

    • The gauges are presented in the classic 5-gauge display:
      • Gauge 1 – Fuel and Oil Level
      • Gauge 2 – Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure
      • Gauge 3 – Tachometer
      • Gauge 4 – Speedometer
      • Gauge 5 – Clock


    The driver and passenger side windows are electrically operated.


    We utilize the late Becker Mexico radio head unit of the mid 1990’s, reimagined and re-presented to evoke the classic look of the early ‘70’s interiors where the radio would ‘float’ in the dashboard area. These radios are thoroughly restored and come complete with power amp, sub-woofer and uprated state of the art door speakers.

    As an option, a further uprated power amp and speaker system can be specified.

    Air Conditioning

    An effective air conditioning system can be deleted at no extra charge.

    Interior Options

    1. Carbon fiber lightweight track seat.

    A heavily bolstered carbon fiber track-biased seat is available which offers extreme thigh and upper body support along with a fully adjustable headrest.  This seat is constructed as a single shell from carbon fiber and is both immensely strong and light, and while functional, appears elegant and period correct. It comes upholstered in leather and is compatible with the Schroth harnesses that are available as an option.

    These track seats can be ordered individually (for example, for the driver retaining the standard passenger seat) or as a pair and are priced individually.

    2. Brass seat grommets.

    Both the Sports seats and the optional Track seats can be specified with brass ventilation grommets that recall the Scheel race seats from the 1967 racing machines.  These grommets are inlaid in the leather bottom and backrest and aid cooling.

    3. Rear seat belts.

    Rear seat belts can be fitted as an option.

    4. Interior paneling in leather.

    The whole of the lower interior cabin (rear seat pan, transmission tunnel and side sills) can be lined in a ‘second skin’ of lightweight composite material and wrapped in leather.  In the rear compartment, a fold down luggage shelf doubles as a backrest when not in use (replacing the individual rear backrests discreetly covering an area behind that houses the fire extinguisher and the integrated harness bar and harnesses if specified.

    These panels when upholstered in leather bring a rich, ‘gentleman’s express’ atmosphere to the interior that is both restrained and luxurious. If this option is chosen, the footwells at the front and rear remain carpeted.

    5. Interior paneling in painted body color.

    This composite second skin can be finished in the same color as the car’s exterior, bringing a dramatic and race bred flavor to the interior.  If this option is chosen, the front and rear footwells can remain carpeted or the carpet can be replaced with rubber mats at no extra charge.

    6. Leather upgrade packages.

    – Leather Upgrade Package 1 (Embossed).

    The leather on the seat facings, doors, rear quarter panels, luggage shelf and dashboard inserts can be specified in an embossed pattern that recall the vinyl basketweave used in the 1960’s and ‘70’s 911s . This gives a subtle textural complexity to the interior and contrasts well with the  smooth leather side bolstering on the seats. This option is available with the optional brass grommets.

    – Leather Upgrade Package 2 (Leatherweave).

    The leather on the seat facings, doors, rear quarter panels, luggage shelf and dashboard inserts can be specified in genuine leatherweave.  This technique blends many thin strands of leather into a beautiful tapestry, which reimagines the basketweave vinyl interiors of the period in an updated and luxurious fashion. This leather is both sporting and lavish and lends the cabin an air of sophistication and distinction.  Leatherweave is combined with smooth leather on the seat bolsters and is available with the optional brass grommets.

    – Leather Upgrade Package 3 (Suede).

    All the leather in the interior can be presented in genuine suede in a choice of 12 rich colors. This gives the interior a chic workmanlike ‘Clubsport’ glamour that is both beautiful and extremely functional and hardwearing.  The suede option can be perforated, embossed, blended as leatherweave or enhanced with brass grommets at extra cost.

    7.Schroth Racing 4-point harness.

    Optional 4-point Schroth racing harnesses are available and can be specified individually. These harnesses are discreetly packaged behind the rear seat backrests. The harnesses are available in black  and come with the Schroth logo embossed in premium leather that matches the leather of the interior.

    Note: The Schroth harnesses require the specification of the integrated harness bar.

    8. 360mm RSR steering wheel.

    The daddy of them all.  Double wrapped in premium leather and with the famous ‘hockey puck’ horn button embossed , this wheel saw competition in many of the great racing machines of the early 1970’s in its original 380mm size. We have totally recreated this superb wheel with a smaller 360 mm diameter and endowed it with a thicker rim for ultimate control.

    9. iPod/iPhone connectivity.

    The Becker Mexico head unit can be configured to work seamlessly with an iPod or iPhone with a simple connectivity docking device discreetly hidden when not in use under the dashboard.

    10. Engine Compartment Presentation Package.

    The interior of the engine compartment can be highly detailed and painted in the same color and high gloss finish as the exterior, giving the engine bay a clean, dramatic race inspired feel which perfectly frames the beauty of the flat six motor.   This presentation package is complemented by a color-coded, diamond quilted waterproof leather sound pad that  helps reduce engine noise in the interior and further increases the glamour of the powerplant.

    11. Luggage Compartment Presentation Package.

    The regular carpeting in the luggage compartment can be replaced with a detailed and high gloss painted finish similar to the engine presentation package, bringing a dramatic race bred flavor to this part of the car.  This is  combined with diamond quilted waterproof leather covering the fuel tank  (this upgrade works well in conjunction with the painted interior paneling and Engine Compartment Presentation Package options in bringing a glamorous, vintage racing chic to the whole machine).

    12. Luggage Compartment Presentation Package – Quilted Leather.

    The complete luggage compartment can be upholstered in diamond quilted waterproof leather to bring a rich and luxurious feel to this part of the car and provide an environment fit for the most exclusive luggage (this upgrade works well in conjunction with the leather upholstered interior paneling option presenting the atmosphere of a sporting gentleman’s express).

  • Color

    We have meticulously researched and blended a number of colors which we feel complement the classic curves of our machines and recall some of the vivid hues pioneered in the 1960’s and ‘70’s.  These are all available at no extra charge. Singer uses only the finest Galsurit and PPG color bases and clearcoats, ensuring a beautiful and durable finish.

    Color Options

    1. Paint to sample.

    We can provide a ‘paint to sample’ service whereby the customer supplies a sample of the color he/she desires and we match that color and paint the car accordingly.

    2. Racing side stripes.

    Side striping that recalls the 911’s 1960’s and ‘70’s racing heyday are available as an option. The line striping of this option is always in a tone slightly lighter or darker than the exterior body color and matches the standard striping on the bumpers.  Bumper striping can be deleted free of charge.

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