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Singer Vehicle Design: the Porsche 911. Reimagined.

In southern California, a team of craftsmen restores Porsche 911s in the spirit of classic, late sixties models. A visit at Singer Vehicle Design.

I find myself in the greater north east suburbs of Los Angeles, in a non-descript industrial zone. At the address, there are indeed cars of various makes and conditions in front of the building, but not a single Porsche in sight, furtherless a sign that I am at the right address. After checking the GPS and the street number twice, I wander around the building to the wrong entrance where a guy directs me to the other side of the building. The door screeches as I open it, a man in shorts and t-shirt, iPhone glued to the ear, waves me to come in. Venice Beach is quite far away, but that is the first thought that crosses my mind as I wait at a polite distance for the phone call to end.

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