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First drive – Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer

Porsche redesigned the 911 for 1989 because Porsche without the 911 had become unthinkable. When the front-engined 928 was revealed as the Neunelfer’s intended successor, Porschephiles, having accepted the 911 as totem, cried foul. As such, the 964 might be considered the first sacred 911—at least in terms of corporate philosophy.

Which makes it a perfect starting point for Singer Vehicle Design’s fetish objects: machines designed to cram everything great about every 911 ever into singular figures of air-cooled iconography. The cars should be messes; consider a ’73 RS ducktail here, an SC/Carrera door panel there, a dogleg-pattern shift knob over yonder. Perhaps topped off by a set of deep-six Fuchs wheels and a hogged-out 935 motor behind the rear axle.

This car is decidedly not a mess. In fact, it’s a whole package so fantastic that, on the road, one forgets that one’s driving a $400,000 hot rod. A hot rod set to be delivered in a few short weeks to a customer in Dubai. A hot rod with which one should be very, very careful.

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