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23 Ultimate Gifts – 911 Reimagined

For this gift, Robb Report has collaborated with Singer Vehicle Design to arrange a commission for the ultimate restored aircooled Porsche 911. Established five years ago, Singer is celebrated by enthusiasts for restoring vehicles that embody the spirit and style of the most famous Porsche 911: the 1973 Carrera RS.

Singer begins the restoration process with a customer supplied 911, specifically one built between 1990 and 1994 (the 964 series, which is the most robust of the original 911 designs), and removes every nut and bolt and strips the body shell to the core. Parts are replaced with cutting-edge components during a restoration that results in a level of fit and finish ordinarily reserved for Pebble Beach classics.

Whether the buyer specifies a 911 tailored to deliver extreme performance on the track or one transformed into a luxurious GT for crossing the continent—or a combination of the two—Singer offers virtually endless opportunities for creative expression and personalization.

View the original December 2014 Robb Report article here.

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