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The 911, reimagined A California company beautifully rewrites Porsche history

It never rains in Southern California.

Tell that to the pitter-patter currently spitting up all over the cracked asphalt in the San Gabriel Mountains outside of Los Angeles. I’ve come to this tangle of spidery mountain paths to test out a borrowed, restored Porsche worth $670,000.

It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing. The car is special. Should I let a little rain stop me? How about a lot of rain?

A wise man might, considering that this Porsche was commissioned almost a year ago by a very fortunate owner who made a series of painstaking decisions about the exterior and interior colors, size of the engine, and types of leather. He’s waited patiently. Hasn’t even driven it. Yet he’s graciously agreed to let me take his unsullied beauty out for a spin. We’ve never met, but that’s how much he trusts and respects the company, Singer Vehicle Design, to whom he commissioned this unique car. (A salute to you, kind, anonymous sir!)

Meanwhile my co-driver and chaperone, Seamus Taaffe, cocks an eye to the wet sky and shrugs. Seamus is an Irishman who serves as Singer’s test driver, sometimes engineer, and all-around go-to man. “Well, let’s give it a go, shall we?”

View the original article by Jason H. Harper at The Verge.

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