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More Great Work From Singer Vehicle Design – Singer Debuts At Monterey

Monterey’s annual car week is mind blowing, but for Porsche enthusiasts it doesn’t get much better than this.

Our friends at Singer Vehicle Design are debuting two of their latest restorations, the tasteful and understated Minnesota coupe and the boldly finished Luxemburg 4.0-litre Targa. If you’re not familiar with Singer’s work, we should state that their restoration we drove remains the single best car we’ve ever driven.

The very subtle gunmetal grey Minnesota coupe looks to be an exercise in understatement – if that’s even possible with Singer’s work – and is one of three Singer restoration commissions for the same gentlemen.

Contrasting the coupe is their Luxemburg Targa that’s finished in orange paint and a killer tartan interior. This is one of those 911s we lust for, especially when fitted with the 4.0-litre flat six.

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