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Inside Singer Vehicle Design: the Porsche 911 experts

Like all of humanity’s really great ideas – the wheel, powered flight, Instagram – LA-based Singer Vehicle Design ostensibly offers something very simple: the restoration and outwardly restrained modification of your old 964 Porsche 911. Some clients supply a tired car, leave a deposit and patiently await the finished product. Singer can help others locate the required blank canvas.

That Singer isn’t fussy about the state of the incoming cars (‘Most of them leave a snake’s trail of oil on the workshop floor as they arrive, but we don’t care so long as the body’s straight,’ smiles Singer’s Tim Gregorio) is one clue as to the magnitude of the work that will be lavished upon them.

Another is the patience required on the part of the client. Right now, with 72 commissions in the order book, you’re looking at an 18-month wait, of which 10 months is simply awaiting your turn. The process, from stripped shell to extensive pre-delivery testing and sign-off, is eight months. And yet another clue? A fee for the work alone of some $600,000.

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