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Singer Vehicle Design Brings A Special Porsche To Idaho For A Top Speed Run At Hemingway’s Final Resting Place.

With its alpine meadows and spruce forests nestled under 9,000-foot peaks and perpetually azure skies, Sun Valley, Idaho holds an irresistible allure for those of adventurous spirit. Ernest Hemingway first came here in 1939. He instantly fell in love with the area and returned to make it his home 20 years later. Today, Sun Valley is widely known for its majestic scenery and recreational activities. Skiing, biking, trail riding, and golfing, as well as the famous writer’s gravesite, are just some of the attractions. And on one weekend last July, this isolated valley drew thousands of automotive enthusiasts from all over North America.

During the Sun Valley Road Rally, a 3.2-mile section of State Highway 75 is temporarily closed off by the local sheriff, making it the longest no-speed-limit public road in North America with spectator viewing. At the start line, there’s a subtle, uphill left-hand curve. Then it’s straight on and slightly downhill to the fastest speed achievable past the grandstands, one car at a time.

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