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Taking the Alps with two Porsche 911s reimagined by Singer

In recent years, few cars have received as much attention as the Porsche 911s reimagined by Singer — their details, outlandish performance, and global demand proving universally intriguing. What better way to understand the hype, then, than with a day spent on dream roads with these special 911s?

Having elevated the art of the custom car to a new level with its work, Singer Vehicle Design has become known for far more than just the restoration, modification, and customisation of Porsche 911s. Whether it be the grass roots enthusiast or the most privileged of collectors, utter the word Singer and everyone has something to say, be it about the engineering, aesthetics, or performance. These vehicles are spoken of like mythical creatures, an automotive legend born from the pursuit of perfection, and are seen as a symbol of what can be achieved with the humble automobile. And as I am greeted by not one but two of these outrageous machines, their reputation well and truly proceeds them.

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