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There is such a thing as perfection

Singer teams up with Williams and Hans Mezger to produce 75 lighter, faster 964 restorations.

What if Singer worked on restoring and modifying my beloved 27-year-old Porsche 964, with the assistance of an engineering concern born from the world of F1? How would such a car look and how would it perform?” This was the question an enthusiastic customer called Scott Blattner posed two years ago, and the very green car on the right is Singer’s typically emphatic response.

In a nutshell, it’s one of Singer’s restored 911s turned up to 11, and the product of a collaborative project with Williams Advanced Engineering, focused on reducing weight and turning up performance. Not content with working exclusively with an F1 outfit, Singer also drafted in some of the most celebrated engineers from Porsche’s past, a roster of celebrity test drivers and tasked its brakes, tyres, wheels, gearbox and suspension suppliers with upping their game accordingly.

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