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Singer’s Latest Creation Brings Formula 1 Know-How to the Porsche 911

OF ALL THE cars humanity has produced in the past century, few are better loved than the Porsche 911. Elegant, accessible, a thrill to drive, and ever evolving, the car that debuted in 1964 has earned its fanatics. Which makes it jarring to hear what happened when the team at Williams Advanced Engineering stuck one in its virtual wind tunnel.

“It was catastrophic,” says Mazen Fawaz, the CEO of Singer Vehicle Design.

Los Angeles-based Singer specializes in restoring and occasionally rethinking various versions of the Porsche 911. Williams Advanced Engineering applies technology developed for the Williams Formula 1 team to other industries. And that catastrophe was the starting point for the companies’ mildly ambitious joint venture: creating the most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911 in the world.

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