Singer Reimagined


Our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence is not confined to the automotive world.
In 2017, Singer Reimagined was established in Geneva to apply our philosophy to the world of high watchmaking.
The result of this pursuit is a growing family of high-performance watches.

Track 1

Our exploration of the world of watchmaking led first to the Track 1 collection.

Track1 celebrates the iconic sports chronographs of the 1960s and ‘70s, reimagined with modern material science and powered by a revolutionary movement.

Each Track1 edition encapsulates our focus on twenty-first century engineering and jewel-like execution.


Our second act in the world of watchmaking created the Flytrack collection.

These minimalistic timepieces combine the practicality of a chronograph with the functional innovation of a tool watch.

As with everything that bears the Singer name, each limited edition Flytrack is unique.